Date: Saturday December 4th 
Time: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM (stay after for drinks & snacks!) 
Location: Innate Fitness 

Please RSVP with full team by Friday, November 19th. 

Merry Liftmas Rules!


1. Assemble your team! This year the Liftmas will be co-ed teams of 3. You can choose to enter as either 2 girls + 1 guy or 2 guys + 1 girl.


2. Teams can be a mix of any standard of lifting, there will be assigned weights for rx, scaled and modified. So a team could have an rx, a scaled and a modified athlete as team mates. Just grab your friends and have some fun!


3. Price is $30 per team so $10 per person. No t shirts for this one, just some festive drinks and snacks and a couple of prizes.


4. Innate staff members can help make introductions if you need teammates but we will not be putting teams together for you. Make sure you have a threesome before you sign up.


5. There will be 4 events. The details of the workouts will be released on November 20th giving you 2 weeks to practice/plan/strategize with your team.


6.You may include 1 non Innate member in your team but they MUST have prior Olympic lifting experience. They can be a novice at lifting but if they do not know what a snatch, a clean or a jerk is then they will have to join as a spectator not a team member. While there will be demonstrations of the movements during the athlete briefing, there will not be a ‘how to olympic lift’ coaching session.




8. Stick around for snacks and drinks after lifting.

Innate Liftmas Competition

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