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Cleandurance Day!

-We missed Clean Day due to 22.2, so we'll have a Clean-focused Endurance Day!


-5 Squat Cleans

-15 Toes to Bar

-30 Double Unders

*1 min rest

-10 Power Cleans

-10 Chest to Bar

-30 Double Undes

*1 min rest

-15 Hang Power Cleans

-5 Bar Muscle Ups

-30 Double Unders

*1 min rest

165/115, as written

155/105, T2B to PU to C2B

135/95, Toes Close to Bar to Asst Pull-Ups to Pull-Ups

115/75, K2E to Ring Rows to Asst Pull-Ups, 20 Double Unders

95/65, Hanging Knee Raises to easy Ring Rows to harder Ring Rows, 30 Single Unders

You'll notice the barbell stays the same weight, but changes movements as the reps increase. This is because, at moderate weight, the Squat Clean is more exhausting than cycling Hang Power Cleans. So, you'll leave the barbell at the same weight and work the different movements.

With the gymnastics, you'll notice the reps decrease as the movements get more challenging. So, for modification and scaling purposes, progress through three different movements that increase with difficulty.


Shoulder to Overhead Day!

Strict Press 3x5

-Bicep curl superset for that delicious pump

-Strict Press from the ground









10 alt. DB Bicep Curl Superset

-performed with your back against a rig post to insure that you aren't swinging them up

**no swing momentum either... if coach finds you guilty of such douchebaggery, you'll be placed with your back against the wall in absolute shame.





As able



-Single Arm Devil Press 50/35 (+2 Reps)

-Handstand Push-Ups (+2 Reps)

Strict HSPU

Kipping HSPU

abmat on 25 HSPU, 40/30

abmat on 45 HSPU, 35/25 or pike push ups

Challenging Push-Ups, 30/20


Squat Day!

Front Squat 2RM

1) 0:00-5x30%

2) :00-5x40%

3) 4:00-4x50%

4) 6:00-4x60%

5) 8:00-3x70%

6) 10:30-3x80%

7) 13:00-2x80-90%

8) 16:00-2x85-100%

9) 19:00-2RM

Run approach to be successful through at least 8 out of the 9 sets.


For Time: (15 min cap)

-30-20-10 Thrusters

-10-20-30 Pull-Ups

115/85, C2B

115/85, PUs

95/65, PUs

75/55, Asst PUs

Scale as needed

We did this exact same workout 3 weeks ago, except we did the Toes to Bar progression instead of Chest to Bar. If you did this, think back to how that weight and flow went for you.

This is not going to be a sprint for most people. The movements you choose should be challenging, but manageable for sets of 5-6 reps with 10-15 second rest. It is OK if the set of 30 takes around 3 minutes!

Keep in mind that there are 60 reps of each movement and a 15 minute cap. So, if you average 10 reps per minute, this workout will take you 12 minutes.


Gymnastics Day!

Two workouts today. Focus on consistency and execution of reps, NOT max effort and desperation station.

Workout 1:


-Even: 30 sec Pulls

-Odd: 30 sec Wallballs

Score is TOTAL REPS.

RMU, 30/20

BMU, 30/20

C2B, 20/14

PU, 20/14

Challenging Pull-Ups, as able medball

Note: we did Pull-Ups yesterday, but they should have been a moderate variation with high volume, having done 60 in the workout. Today, the movement you choose should be DIFFERENT and more challenging, because you'll only do 5 sets and about half of the reps or less.

Workout 2:


-Even: 30 sec Push-Ups (HSPU)

-Odd: 30 sec Box Jumps

Score is TOTAL REPS.

Kipping w/Deficit, 30/24

Kipping w/ neutral hands, 30/24

Kipping neutral w/ ab mat, 24/20

Kipping w/ abmat on 25 or regular push ups, as able box

Pike push ups or regular push ups, Step Ups or jump as able

Note: we did Push-Ups on Tuesday... Most athletes did between 40-50 Push-Ups, which meant getting deep into the round of 12. Today, you'll probably get something similar, shooting for 5-10 reps during each of the 5 efforts. Try to do slightly different standard than you did on Tuesday, either harder (and get slightly less reps) OR easier (and get slightly more reps).

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