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1/10 - 1/14


Gymnastics Day!

Coaches note: As there may be big discrepancies between gymnastics and lifting skills athletes can mix and match as needed to give themselves a challenging workout. For those working on ring and bar muscle ups, have them do a jumping version or another skill progression rather than scaling to pull ups.

EMOM 35; 4 Rounds Through:

Min 1: Challenging Pulls

Min 2: Thrusters

Min 3: rest and record reps

Min 4: Challenging Push

Min 5: Power Snatches

Min 6: rest and record reps

Min 7: Hanging Abs

Min 8: Overhead Standing Lunges

Min 9: rest and record reps

Score is TOTAL REPS for all efforts.

Same weight for all three barbell movements.

Ring Muscle Ups, deficit HSPUs deficit, Toes to Bar, 135/95

Bar Muscle Ups, Neutral HSPUs, Toes to Bar, 125/85

Chest to Bar Pull-Ups, HSPU 1 Ab mat, Toes Close to Bar, 115/75

Pull-Ups, HSPU 1 Abmat + (2) 10lb plate, Knees to elbow, 95/65

Asst Challenging Pulls, Pike push ups, Hanging Knee Raises, 75/55 (or weight as needed)

A note, if you did last Gymnastics Day:

You'll notice the movements here in 2 out of 3 couplets are the same as our last Gymnastics Day. Last time, we hit the challenging pulls and challenging push-ups in chipper style endurance set before the barbell and T2B. We worked continuously for 10 minutes, without programmed rest.

So, today is a totally different stimulus, but the same movements pairings nevertheless. So, you should have some sense of how to operate through these efforts if you did our last Gymnastics Day.

If not, no worries! Pick movement patterns that meet the intention and give it hell!


Snatch Day!

High Hang Squat Snatch 2RM

Approach based off 1RM Squat Snatch

1) 0:00-6x30%

2) 2:00-6x40%

3) 4:00-5x50%

4) 6:00-5x60%

5) 8:00-4x70%

6) 10:00-4x75-80%

7) 12:00-3x75-90%

8) 14:30-3x80-100%

9) 17:00-2x Successfull Through Here

10) 20:00-2x Send It

Option 1: Squat Snatch

Option 2: Power Snatch (for ROM issues)

We have a 10-set approach today. Run yours to be successful through at least 9 of them.

For the High Hang, the barbell does NOT move down your thighs; it remains in the hip crease, or "Power Position" or "pockets" during the dip and drive.

Bend at the knees and hips to dip straight down and then jump straight up, NOT back and forth. Although counter-intuitive, trust that up and down is stronger than back and forth. The back and forth action, or the "hitch and heave" is not as powerful as jumping up, and it makes the barbell take an arc because your hips jump the bar forward.



-Alt. DB Snatches +4

-Alt. DB Box Step Ups +4

-60 Double Unders

The Open is coming! Be strict on your DB Snatches... Opposite hand stays clear of the body and BOTH HEADS touch the ground.

For the Alt. Box Step Ups, use one DB (the same one you Snatch with) and hold it any way you'd like (most people will want to find a position of comfort on one shoulder)

The Snatches and Step Ups increase each round, but the jump ropes remain constant the entire time

Heavier than 60/40, 24/20

60/40, 24/20

50/35, 24/20

35/25, 24/20, 30 DUs

30/20, as able box, 60 SUs


Calisthenics Day!


-3 Burpees to Target

-5 Chest to Bar

-3 Burpees to Target

-10 Hand Release Push-Ups

-3 Burpees to Target

-15 Air Squats

4 minutes on, 1 minute off.... Except the last effort. You'll work the full five minute block from 25:00-30:00.

Work through the movements as fast as possible. When the four minute mark comes, stop where you are. Take 60 seconds to recover, and then pick up where you left off. There is one cumulative rounds and reps score for this.

All Burpees start from standing. So, after your last Push-Up, you have to stand up tall, and then begin your 3 Burpees.

As written

Trad Pull-Ups and Push-Ups

Asst. Pull-Ups and Push-Ups


Squat Day!

Raw Front Squat 3x5







13:00-5x80-90% (set 1)

16:00-5x80-90% (set 2)

19:00-5x80-90% (set 3)

This is all about core strength and squat conditioning... So, no belt and no lifters!

3x5 at the same weight.


5 Rounds for Time: 10 min max

-5 Front Squats (from the ground)

-10 American KB Swings

-15 Sit-Ups

185/135, 70/53, Straight leg

135/105, 53/35, Straight leg

95/65, 35/26, Butterfly Sit-Ups

As able

Simple... Make it hurt.


Clean Day!

(3) 8-min workouts. 4 minutes rest between efforts.

Part 1:


-8 Cal Assault Bike

-8 Power Cleans 135/105

As written





Part 2:


-8 Burpee Facing Box Jumps 24 /20

-8 DB Hang Squat Cleans 50/35

As written

Step Ups or Jumps 24/20

Step Ups or Jumps 24/20, 35/25

Step Ups or Jumps as able, 30/20

As able

Part 3:


-8 Cal Row

-8 Burpee over rower

Jump overs

Step overs

No Cleans on this one. Just you... Working your tail off.

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