Workouts for the week. 12/27-12/31

MONDAY 12/27

Shoulder to Overhead Day!

Push Press 3x8

-From the ground

-3x8 at the same weight, 75-80%

-They should all be successful, sexy reps







15:00-8x75-80% (set 1)

18:00-8x75-80% (set 2)

21:00-8x75-80% (set 3)


For Time: (10 min cap)


-Shoulder to Overhead 135/95

-50 Double Unders

21 S2O, 50 Dus. 15 S2O, 50 DUs. 9 S2O, 50 DUs. etc....

Unbroken DUs... if you break or trip, no penalty, you just have to start the set all over

As written

115/85, 40 DUs

95/65, 20 DUs or 60 Singles

75/55, 60 Singles

10 min cap, 7 min target.


Squat Day!

This day is rude.

Back Squat 10x10

1) 0:00-10x30%

2) 2:00-10x40%

3) 4:30-10x45%

4) 7:00-10x50%

5) 10:00-10x55%

6) 13:00-10x60%

7) 16:00-10x60-65

8) 19:00-10x60-70 (no belt until this set)

9) 23:00-10x65-75

10) 27:00-10 Rep Max is Rude AF

When I give you a warning, please take it to heart.

Here it is: a 10x10 Back Squat is not something to trifle with.

You do not need to max this out to get absolutely massacred.... Stay under control for your best chance of walking in the next 48 hours.

No belt until Set 8? There are 70 Back Squats, aka, 70 opportunities for you to condition your core muscles. The moment you wear a belt, your horsepower increased, but your development is hindered. Do not short-change today's developmental potential by using a belt too early.


800/600m Row For Time: 3 minute cap

Men: 800m.....

Women: 600m....

For conditioned athletes, 500m isn't enough.... But, 1000m is just long enough where even the highest level athletes will slightly pace.

Why this distance? Because I want you to work at absolute maximum intensity.

What can we expect? This is going to take high level athletes around 2:15. (males holding a 1:30 pace and women, holding a 1:40 pace)

To do that will require maximum effort.

For inexperienced athletes, the thought of a "workout" being so fast may seem foreign. But, consider that many events in fitness sport, from the 100m to the 400m run in Olympics, are evaluated in under 60 seconds. Athletes work and train for hundreds of hours to perform in 10 seconds. If you do not train at full pace, you will never condition this gear within your transmission.

This row test is not a traditional method of training; it is a display, or summation, of what your body can produce.

This should leave you absolutely dead. If you can walk within 5 minutes of doing this, you missed the point.


Gymnastics Day!


RED: 10 minutes

-20 Bar Muscle Ups

-30 Thrusters 115/85

-AMRAP Toes to Bar (score)

BLUE: 10 minutes

-20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

-30 Thrusters 95/65

-AMRAP Toes to Bar (score)

PINK: 10 minutes

-20 Pull Ups

-30 Thrusters 75/55

-AMRAP Toes Close to Bar (score)

GREEN: 10 minutes

-3 min Asst. Pull Ups

-4 min Thrusters 55/35

-3 min Hanging Knee Raises

***Score for this option is total reps

YELLOW: 10 minutes

-3 min Challenging Pulls

-4 min Moderate Thrusters

-3 min Hanging Abs

***GREAT OPTION FOR ALL LEVEL OF ATHLETE if you have movements but do not know your capacity or can do movements in listed options but do not have the listed capacity within these intended time parameters


RED: 10 minutes

-20 Handstand Push-Ups deficit

-30 Power Snatches 115/85

-AMRAP Toes to Bar (score)

BLUE: 10 minutes

-20 Handstand Push-Ups neutral

-30 Power Snatches 95/75

-AMRAP Toes to Bar (score)

PINK: 10 minutes

-20 Handstand Push-Ups to abmat

-30 Power Snatches 85/65

-AMRAP Toes to Bar (score)

GREEN: 10 minutes

-20 Handstand Push-Ups 1x45 assistance

-30 Power Snatches 75/55

-AMRAP Toes Close to Bar (score)

YELLOW: 10 minutes

-3 min Challenging Push-Ups

-4 min Moderate Power Snatches

-3 min Hanging Abs

***GREAT OPTION FOR ALL LEVEL OF ATHLETE if you have movements but do not know your capacity or can do movements in listed options but do not have the listed capacity within these intended time parameters.


Snatch Day!

Power Snatch 3x5

-3x5 are at the same weight

-Reps are Tough and Go

-Approach based off 1RM Power Snatch

1) 0:00-5x30%

2) 2:00-5x40%

3) 4:00-5x50%

4) 6:00-5x60%

5) 8:30-5x70%

6) 11:00-5x75-80%

7) 14:00-5x80-90% (Set 1)

8) 17:00-5x80-90% (Set 2)

9) 20:00-5x80-90% (Set 3)

Should be successful, sexy reps. This is NOT a 5RM; the final 3 sets should be heavy but manageable.

With 9 sets of 5 reps, you have an opportunity to move the right way and hammer home the correct movement patterns... Or, you can go too heavy and move poorly and ingrain the wrong movements patterns.


​​AMRAP 12

-6 Devil Press 50/35

-12 OH Standing Lunges 95/65

-18 Wallballs 20/14 to 10/9

All barbells and DBs controlled to the ground. 5 Burpee penalty for any dropped BB or DB.

Traditional CrossFit Rx standards... If you can do it as written, do it!

As written

35/25, 75/55, 14/12

25/15, 55/35, 12/10

20/10, 35/25, 10 to height was able

FRIDAY 12/31

Let’s finish out the year strong with a workout from the recent dubai crossfit championship!

35 Minute CAP

  • 50 cal row (see below)

  • 40 A-jumps (see below)

  • 30 medball over shoulder (athlete chooses weight)

  • 20 gymnastics pulls (BMU - C2B - Pull ups)

  • 10 strict handstand push-ups

  • 20 gymnastics pulls

  • 30 medball over shoulder

  • 40 A-jumps

  • 50 cal row

You can choose your own adventure with this one. Pick a weight for the medball, decide on the gymnastics pull - for this you can choose a different kind of pull for each set if you like.

For the A jumps get a 12” box and start by squatting until your butt touches with one foot either side of the box then jump up onto the box and jump or step back down.

For the row - if you usually do green level then scale to 40 calories and if you usually do yellow then scale to 30 calories. If the class size is greater than the number of rowers then use the bikes and ski erg as well.

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