9/17/2021 WOD

Squat Day!

Back Squat 3 Rep Heavy w/ 2 second pause. 3 Reps out of each set have to have the 2 second pause. So minute 0 you will do 3 with pause and 7 at regular pace etc.









18:00-3 Rep Heavy & ALL THREE W/ PAUSE!

3 reps in each set have to have a 2 second pause once you've completely bottomed out!


EMOM 16 4 Stations. Perform as many reps as possible in 30 seconds.

1) Back Squats (from the floor)

2) Burpee Facing Box Jumps

3) Row

4) Handstand Push-Ups

THIS WORKOUT IS SCORED! Keep track of your reps. Your score is your total reps for all of the stations.

165/125, 30/24, Strict HSPU

145/105, 24/20, Kipping HSPU

135/95, 24/20, 1 abmat kipping HSPU

115/75, 24/20 BF Step Ups or Jumps, 2 abmats/negatives

95/65, 24/20 BF Step Ups, moderate challenging Push-Ups

For the Back Squats:

At the beginning of the allotted work time, Clean the bar, pop it to your back, and start doing Back Squats. If that takes you 15 seconds, then you've only got 15 seconds to Squat. So... Pick a weight you will be able to confidently Power Clean and pop right to your back.

At the 30 second mark, stop squatting and pop it OVER YOUR HEAD FORWARD! Do not drop the weight backwards. (it is dangerous to you, dangerous to your surroundings, and it is never allowed in competition)

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