9/15/2021 WOD

Endurance Day!

35 minutes

-7 Rounds through 5 Stations

-All stations are 40 on, 20 off

1) Handstand Stability

2) Row

3) KB Turkish Get Ups

4) Bike

5) DB Bench Press

Handstand Stability include, but are not limited to: Inch Worms, Wall Climbs, Wall Assisted Shoulder Taps, Handstand Walks, HSW Obstacle

Try to pick a rep scheme or value of calories/distance and remain consistent for the 7 rounds.

You can choose light weight and do a lot of reps, or choose heavy weight and do few reps, or moderate both.

TGU do NOT have to be brought down in sequence; at the top of the rep, just bring the KB to the ground under control.

No score... Just work your ass off and have fun!

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