TUESDAY- 07/05

PART 1- Gymnastics Day!

Open Gym: 20 min

-work new progressions

-HOLDS!!! 10-40s sets Handstands and abs #needit

-Spend time getting yourself totally ready and prepared for this workout!


Hollow Hold / Superman + PVC

Handstand Levers

Side Planks

Every 3-4 Gymnastics Day I program this piece. For new people, this is extremely important. This is the time to grab a coach's attention to work on progressions that you aren't familiar with.

For all athletes, this is a time to work on skills that you are hit or miss with, and not consistent enough to perform in a metcon.

It is also a time to work on new things. If you have all of the pieces to the muscle up but haven't put them together yet.

It is also a time to make your own gymnastics workout with other things that I cannot program in class due to space and/or equipment, like GHDs, Rope Climbs, DBalls, Ski Erg, etc.


Option 1: 5RFT, 20 min cap

Option 2: AMRAP 20

-12 Deadlifts

-12 6/6 Split Squats

-9 Hang Power Cleans

-9 Pike Push-Ups

-6 Shoulder to Overhead

-6 Challenging Pull-Ups

20 minutes is a very challenging time cap for these movements and this volume. That is going to require you to have these elements with substantial capacity.

For many people who have these elements, capacity will not be there for 5RFT and the clock will drastically slow when productivity on HSPU and Muscle Ups breaks down.

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