9 min on at a workout, 3 min off to transition to next workout

Workout 1:

-9 DB Thrusters

-9 Cal Row

One partner does 9 thrusters while the other partner rows 9 calories. Then switch and repeat. This continues for 9 minutes. Pick a weight that is relatively proportional to the difficulty of calories. If the thrusters are always waiting for the row, the bar was too light. If the rower is always waiting for the thrusters, the bar was too heavy. If the barbell is correct and the thrusters are difficult but unbroken, the workout will flow evenly.

Workout 2:

-9 KB Swings

-9 KB Squats

-9 Weighted Sit-Ups

Workout 3:

-9 Wall Balls

-9 Burpees

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