Class Etiquette

  1. Register for class at least 20minutes in advance. Coaching practices are often influenced by size and athletes in attendance. If a coach has a heads up, they can plan a better class for you!

  2. Be on time for class. Early is on time. Don’t miss out on valuable coaching and briefing. Set a good example for others. If something comes up and you can’t be on time, show up anyway.

  3. Show up to class ready to engage fully.

  4. Class will always involve general warm-up and programming-specific movement progressions for instruction, but not excessive stretching with specificity to joints.

  5. For example, if it is Squat Day, and you need a serious warm-up for your knees, get to the gym early and handle it. The class will NOT perform a lengthy knee-specific warm-up because not everyone needs it. Some may need a back warm-up, and others may need an ankle warm-up. To adequately stretch your whole body will exceed the time available. So, show up ready to move for the requirements of the day.

  6. Keep gym bags and personal gear in the cubbies. Even if your class is not busy, it is a bad habit to get into because it is absolutely necessary during busy classes. So, keep in the habit.

  7. If you are not taking class, do not hang out in the exercise space. Similar to the gym bags, even if it is not busy, remain in the habit of keeping out of the exercise room during classes that you are not actively taking.

MONDAY- 05/30


1 mile run 100 pull ups 200 push ups 300 air squats 1 mile run

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