4 Rounds through 4 stations; 32 minutes

2 minutes at each station

-1:15 on

-0:45 off

Station 1: Assault Bike or Row for Cals

Station 2: KB or DB Snatch

Station 3: DB Floor Press

Station 4: Deadlifts - Moderate weight %BW 50% / 75% / 100% / 125%

Score is TOTAL REPS. Strive for consistency.

Cap on Deadlifts is 15 per round. Many people could do more, but the technique will go to shit and there is no need for more than 60 moderate weight deadlifts in a single workout. So, if you cannot get 15, no worries. But, if you are ripping the barbell, no more than 15 reps per set.

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