1. Keep chalk in the buckets; never put personal blocks of chalk on the jay-hooks or the floor.

  2. Keep the buckets away from the rig, walls and equipment racks. The zamboni cannot adequately clean a chalk mess under the rig as well as in the open floor.

  3. Note: the 5-foot walk to the chalk bucket is not going to affect your workout score.

  4. Apply chalk to your hands in the bucket.; never scoop chalk and walk away while rubbing your hands.

  5. Never use chalk to write on the ground or walls.

  6. Use a whiteboard, a piece of scrap paper, or your brain.

  7. Clean up chalky hand prints if you perform push-ups or burpees with chalky hands.

  8. When you touch the ground, you grind the chalk into the mats. The zamboni does not adequately clean the floor after this, so please police your own chalk mess.

Workout: 25 Minutes

-10 Rounds

-1 Round Every 2:30

-2:00 on, 30 sec break

Each round begins with:

2/8 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

4/16 HR Push-Ups

8/24 Squats

Remaining time in 2:00: Cardio

Perform as many 10' Burpee Shuttles as possible or Jump Rope

Competitors your score is TOTAL BURPEE SHUTTLES.

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