Calisthenics Day!

Murph Prep... We'll do several sessions between now and Memorial Day.

40 min

-10 Rounds, 1 every 4 min




-Air Squats

Go smooth. Chill. Murph is coming up and that workout has an amazing ability to punish you if your body is not conditioned. We need to get in some practice sessions to be conditioned to safely handle that workout.

Lt. Mike Murphy originally named the workout "Body Armor" (he didn't name it after himself, that was done posthumously)

In Murphy's eyes, being in good enough shape to hit this on a regular basis meant you were ready for battle; but it takes training and practice.

Everyone can do Murph on a whim, but it is very unsafe for unconditioned bodies. It might take you 2 hours, but you won't fail an air squat and you can make the miles happen... But, it DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD!

So... TODAY IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU PLAN ON DOING MURPH!!!!! If you avoid the prep and hit it on Memorial Day and f$&k yourself up... Say no more

1) What experienced athletes should hit to get acclimated

-300m Run

-8 Pull-Ups

-16 Push-Ups

-24 Air Squats

(80 Pull-Ups, 160 Push-Ups, 240 Air Squats, 3000m Run)

2) athletes who have the standards, but not the experience

-300m Run

-6 Pull-Ups

-12 Push-Ups

-18 Air Squats

(60 Pull-Ups, 120 Push-Ups, 180 Air Squats)

3) athletes who have been doing this for a while but struggle w/ the Run and/or Pull-Ups and/or Push-Ups

-200m Run

-6 Assisted Pull-Ups

-12 Assisted Push-Ups

-18 Air Squats

(60 Asst Pull-Ups, 120 Assisted Push-Ups, 180 Air Squats)

4) new athletes should start here... It looks simple, but this catches up!!!

-200m Run

-4 Assisted Pull-Ups

-8 Assisted Push-Ups

-12 Air Squats

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