Calisthenics Day!

32 minutes; Every 4 minutes, x8

-Run to start (should take around 2:00)

Remaining time in 4 minute block, AMRAP:

-10 4 Ct. Leg Lifts (2 seconds up & 2 seconds down)

-15 Push-Ups

-20 Single Leg Lateral Box Step Overs

Run is a given. The AMRAP is your score. Pick up where you left off after each run interval for one cumulative score.

1) 500m Run, PERFECT Push-Ups, 24/20 box, straight legs on 4ct. LL

2) 400m Run, REALLY GOOD Push-Ups, 24/20 box, straight legs on 4ct. LL

3) 300m Run, Knee/Banded Push-Ups, as able on the box height, slight bend at the knee on LL OK

Perfect Push-Ups: Reps start and finish in the top of the plank. If you rest, you do it on your knees. Chest touches ground, but the hips and thighs do not. ZERO deviation along the midline through the press, as if someone hammered a steel rod through your head and it came out through your heel.

Really good Push-Ups: maybe a littttlllleeeee thigh contact at some point, or a slight deviation along the midline, but chest still touches the ground and you still look sexy as you press up.

On the Single Leg Lateral Box Step Overs, you do NOT need to stand all the up on top of the box and YOUR INSIDE FOOT STAYS ON THE BOX. If you stay low and bound over the top, these are a very smooth, fast movement.

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