Partner Workout!

We hit this workout 10 weeks ago and people really enjoyed, so we'll give it another go today and have some fun!

CrossFit Clean and Jerk Ladder!

EMOM 30; 6 Rounds

1) Clean and Jerks

2) Burpee Bar Hops

3) KB Swings

4) Wallballs

5) recover and add weight

Round 1: 30% of C&J

Round 2: 40% of C&J

Round 3: 50% of C&J

Round 4: 60% of C&J

Round 5: 70% of C&J

Round 6: 80% or C&J

The weight of the barbell increases each round. It is expected that you do NOT perform as many reps at the heavier bars as you do at the lighter bars.

Entire workout is tag-team, split reps however you choose, within the allotted time.

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