Calisthenics Day!

EMOM 36; 6 Rounds

1) 20 sec Max Effort Pull-Ups

2) 30 sec Max Effort Push-Ups

3) 40 sec Max Effort Air Squats

4) 50 sec Max Effort Sit-Ups

5) 60 sec Max Effort Burpees to Target

6) rest

Score: total reps

C2B, Hand Release Push-Ups w/o hip/thigh contact, Straight leg Sit-Ups

Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Straight leg Sit-Ups

Asst Pull-Ups, Asst Push-Ups, Butterfly Sit-Ups

Annnddd just in case anyone feels like airing their grievances in class about Burpees:

Yes, you're doing Burpees two days in a row. MIchael Phelps swam every day. Tom Brady threw a football every day. Lance Armstrong rode a bike every day...

You are a CrossFitter, and you can do Burpees two days in a row. The more you detest this, the more it means you need to do more of them!

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