Gymnastics Day!

Part 1: 15 minutes

-Open gym to work on new skills and/or for new people to familiarize with progressions

-For experienced athletes, HOLDS!!!

Individual Quarterfinal equipment set-up was just announced. So, at the highest level in today's workouts are the pieces of equipment listed, with movements that are traditionally seen in competition, in traditional rep schemes (ascending/descending ladder) with a traditional time domain (9 minutes)

Are these the exact workouts? No.. But, they're the best prep we can do at the moment with the information provided.

Workout 1:


-Devil Press +3 reps

-Deficit Kipping Handstand Push-Ups +3 reps

60/40, Deficit 2”

50/35, Neutral

40/30, Abmat

35/25, abmat on plates

As able, challenging push up

Workout 2:


-Sit-Ups +6 reps

-Pull-Ups +2 reps

GHD, RMU (or RMU progression)

Strict Deficit Sit-Ups w/ 45 and medball at feet for support, BMU (or BMU progression)

Strict Sit-Ups, C2B

Strict Sit-Ups, Pull ups (banded if needed)

Butterfly SIt-Ups, Banded pull ups or ring rows)

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