Squat Day!

Back Squat 10x10

1) 0:00-10x30%

2) 2:30-10x35%

3) 5:00-10x40%

4) 8:00-10x45%

5) 11:00-10x50%

6) 14:00-10x55%

7) 17:00-10x60%

8) 20:00-10x60-65% (no belts thru here)

9) 23:00-10x60-70%

10) 27:00-10x60-75%

I caution y'all and most of y'all listen, most of the time. Be advised.... If you act like a hero today, in addition to failing, you are gonna be f$$d up.

***The interval does not get very long... It stays at 3 minutes until the last set... This is TOTALLY DOABLE at 60ish percent, and for many, as high as 75%... If you're a hero, you won't be able to stay on time and you'll fail.

***This is NOT meant to be the heaviest you could do... In other words, we are NOT building to a 10RM, per say... With a low-volume approach to heavy single, then a deload to a 10-rep attempt, most people could hit 80-85% for 10.... Today, we're capped at 75%, and most are not encouraged to even go there.

The purpose for today's programming is SUCCESSFUL, DEEP REPS, AT SUBMAXIMAL INTENSITY AND MOVEMENT PROFICIENCY.... (The way most volume should happen)

With this volume in mind: if you are submaximal and proficient, you'll be ok. If you are desperation station, you'll be very sore and useless for the rest of the week.


For Time:

-1000/800m Row.

Last time we did a Back Squat 10x10 we did an 800/600m row for time. That was incredibly uncomfortable. That was three months ago. (on Dec 21) Figured we probably oughtta taste blood again, but with a little extra dash of hot sauce. :) xoxoxo

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