Endurance Day!

Two rounds through:


-Row for Time

-rest remaining time until 5:00


-Burpees to Target for Time

-rest remaining time until 10:00


-Burpee Box Jump Overs for Time

-rest remaining time until 15:00


-Wall Walks

-rest remaining time until 20:00

At the 20:00, repeat the same exact workout, rowing at 20:00, Burpees at 25:00, Burpee Box Jump Overs at 30:00 and Wall Climbs at 35:00

Ideal work to rest ratio is 1:1, or 2:30 to work and 2:30 to rest, working at 85%.

Score is TOTAL TIME for all 6 efforts. Comment splits for each.

Advice: Work 85% on these efforts. Don't go 100% on the first few efforts. If you truly sprint the first few efforts, you will not recover and your splits will vary greatly.

700/550m row, 40 Burpees to Target, 30 Burpee Facing Box Jump Overs 24/20, 12 Wall Walks

600/400m row, 30 Burpees to Target, 20 Burpee Facing Box Jump/Step Overs 24/20, 9 Wall Walks

500/300m row, 20 Burpees to Target 15 Burpee Facing Box Step Overs, 6 Wall Walks or 15 Inch Worms

500/300m row, 15 Burpee to Target, 10 Burpee Facing Box Step Over, 10 Inch Worms

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