Gymnastics Day!

Two workouts today. Focus on consistency and execution of reps, NOT max effort and desperation station.

Workout 1:


-Even: 30 sec Pulls

-Odd: 30 sec Wallballs

Score is TOTAL REPS.

RMU, 30/20

BMU, 30/20

C2B, 20/14

PU, 20/14

Challenging Pull-Ups, as able medball

Note: we did Pull-Ups yesterday, but they should have been a moderate variation with high volume, having done 60 in the workout. Today, the movement you choose should be DIFFERENT and more challenging, because you'll only do 5 sets and about half of the reps or less.

Workout 2:


-Even: 30 sec Push-Ups (HSPU)

-Odd: 30 sec Box Jumps

Score is TOTAL REPS.

Kipping w/Deficit, 30/24

Kipping w/ neutral hands, 30/24

Kipping neutral w/ ab mat, 24/20

Kipping w/ abmat on 25 or regular push ups, as able box

Pike push ups or regular push ups, Step Ups or jump as able

Note: we did Push-Ups on Tuesday... Most athletes did between 40-50 Push-Ups, which meant getting deep into the round of 12. Today, you'll probably get something similar, shooting for 5-10 reps during each of the 5 efforts. Try to do slightly different standard than you did on Tuesday, either harder (and get slightly less reps) OR easier (and get slightly more reps).

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