Cleandurance Day!

-We missed Clean Day due to 22.2, so we'll have a Clean-focused Endurance Day!


-5 Squat Cleans

-15 Toes to Bar

-30 Double Unders

*1 min rest

-10 Power Cleans

-10 Chest to Bar

-30 Double Undes

*1 min rest

-15 Hang Power Cleans

-5 Bar Muscle Ups

-30 Double Unders

*1 min rest

165/115, as written

155/105, T2B to PU to C2B

135/95, Toes Close to Bar to Asst Pull-Ups to Pull-Ups

115/75, K2E to Ring Rows to Asst Pull-Ups, 20 Double Unders

95/65, Hanging Knee Raises to easy Ring Rows to harder Ring Rows, 30 Single Unders

You'll notice the barbell stays the same weight, but changes movements as the reps increase. This is because, at moderate weight, the Squat Clean is more exhausting than cycling Hang Power Cleans. So, you'll leave the barbell at the same weight and work the different movements.

With the gymnastics, you'll notice the reps decrease as the movements get more challenging. So, for modification and scaling purposes, progress through three different movements that increase with difficulty.

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