What are the changes noticed since you started at Innate? I certainly see changes in my form, especially in the depth of my heavy squats & in my pull up form.

What are you most proud of( any type of accomplishment)? The accomplishment I'm most proud of at Innate is achieving toes to bar from a dead hang!

What's your favorite workout/ type of workout/movements?

My favorite workouts involve rowing, cleans, snatches and/or kettlebell work.

What’s your #1 goal?

My current #1 goal is to get a headstand from the floor.

Share something unique or interesting about yourself. . .

Hm... something unique... every third Sunday I'm antique hunting with my father in Long Beach! I collect vintage dental equipment, at glass, jewelry & oddities.

What do you like most about Innate?

Don't make me choose! It's a tie between the welcoming community & the awesome coaches!


Squat Day!

Overhead Squat 3x3

-3x3 at same weight










Most athletes should plan approach to use 85%


Sally Squat Challenge

The song "Flower" by Moby has the lyrics "bring Sally, bring Sally down....." and you'll follow this to the best of your ability for the 3:26 duration of the song. To complete this challenge, you'll do 30 Back Squats, but you'll spend most of the time in the bottom of the Squat.

A perfect score is 30.

Why are we doing this? Two reasons:

First, for fun! It's fun to mix things up and this was an old challenge that circulated through CrossFit about 8 years ago. I did it this on Monday for shits and giggles and thought it would be fun to push y'all through!

Second, to help people with joint mobility. Spending time in the bottom of a squat is something that will help your knees, ankles, hips and back. I AM NOT SAYING IT HAS TO BE HEAVY OR TO FIGHT THROUGH AGONY!!! If you have tight joints, do it today with no weight or maybe the empty barbell! There have been many challenges publicized by fitness professionals that stemmed from spending time in the bottom of a squat. For example, a recent challenge I saw promoted was the 10-minute challenge. (every day, accumulate a total of 10 minutes in the bottom of a squat.) This will help your mobility tremendously.

WE ARE GOING TO THIS SEVERAL TIMES IN THE NEAR FUTURE! I have this scheduled in upcoming Squat Days so LEAVE SOME JUICE IN THE TANK TODAY! (don't go too heavy today)

This is a pass/fail test.... If you can stay on pace with the song, spend the time in the bottom when suppose to and hit all the reps, you pass. Anything other than that, you fail.

135/95 (the original challenge, very difficult and painful)


95/65 (experienced CrossFitters new to this challenge should start here)

75/55 (most people will want to start here)

55/35 (new people should start here or lighter)


Sally takes 3:26.... You will have a 94 second break, and at the 5:00 mark, you'll perform a 3:30 minute AMRAP of Wallballs, working until 8:30 (the same time you just spent in the bottom of a squat with Sally, you'll now spend doing fast squats with Wallballs.)

30/20 to 10/9

20/14 to 10/9

14/10 to 10/9

14/10 w/ full squat to height as able

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