Shoulder to overhead day!

Split Jerk 1RM

From the rig

1) 0:00-5x30%

2) 2:00-5x40%

3) 4:00-4x50%

4) 6:30-4x60%

5) 9:00-3x70%

6) 12:00-2x80%

7) 15:00-1x75-90%

8) 18:00-1x80-100%

9) 21:00-1x NO PRs BEFORE HERE!

10) 24:00-1x MASSIVE!!!

Do all of the reps in the beginning as singles; no rushed touch and go reps. Deep breath, jerk, hold the catch, front foot, back foot, reset… Each time!!!!

That way, when it actually gets heavy, hopefully the movements are ingrained.



-10 Thrusters 95/65

-10 Lateral Burpee Bar Hops

If ya got it, do it.

75/55, burpee step overs

Scale as needed

I’m sorry. But the Open is coming and this couplet has been there many times….. always in a rep scheme that takes the masses much longer than 10 minutes!!! Dig deep and make this hurt.

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