Endurance Day!


-5 Devil Press

-10 Challenging Pulls

-Jump Rope

-1 min rest

-5 Devil Press

-10 Challenging Push-Ups

-Jump Rope

-1 min rest

-5 Devil Press

-10 Challenging Box Jumps

-Jump Rope

-1 min rest

Ideal Flow, INCLUDING rest/transition time:

-Devil Press: 1 min

-Pull/Push/Jump: 1 min

-Jump Rope: 1 min

-Work to rest: 3:1 (flow intention is EMOM)

50/35, Bar Muscle Ups, 4" Deficit HSPU (1x45), 30/24" Box Jumps, 50 Double Unders

45/30, Chest to Bar Pull-Ups, Netural HSPU, 30/24 Box, 40 Double Unders

40/25, Pull-Ups, Abmat on (2) 10lb plates, 24/20 Box, 30 Double Unders or 80 Single Unders

35/20, Banded Pull-Ups, Abmat (3) 10lb plates, 20/12 Box, 20 Double Unders or 60 Single Unders

Modify as needed

Modification option:

Adhere to the intended flow. Spend one minute at each element, and transition at the minute, regardless of reps, and then take the minute off to recover.

There won't be a score for this, but you can pick ANY METHOD of movement. This will allow you to mix and match the standards within the levels.

This is a GREAT OPTION for people who have Muscle Ups but not capacity, or have Double Unders but are inconsistent.

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