Calisthenics Day!

Today is about Calisthenic Power! For this reason, we'll rest much more than we can possibly work.

This workout will flow EMOM, like many workouts we do, but the work to rest ratio today will be much different than what we are used to seeing.

The ratio will be 20 on, 40 off. WIthin that, you have a possible 20 seconds to work, but may not work all 20 seconds. Either way, you'll have at least 40 seconds off, meaning the most you could work to rest is 1 to 2.

This will give you your best chance at EXPLOSIVE movements.

There are Strict Pull-Ups.... and then are are fast, explosive Pull-Ups.....

There are Jumping Lunges when you're tired and sluggish.... and then there are fast, high, sharp Jumping Lunges when you're recovered...

EMOM 30; 6 Rounds

-20 on, 40 off

Min 1: Strict Pull-Ups

Min 2: High Box Jumps

Min 3: Plyo Push-Ups

Min 4: Jumping Lunges

Min 5: V-Ups

No score. Just look sharp, fast, and explosive on ALL of your reps today!

Strict Pull-Ups can be banded, unassisted, weighted, or Ring Rows... Just NO KIPPING

Box Jump is two-foot take-off from static; no stepping into the jump.

Ply Push-Ups can be Clap, Chest Clap, Thigh Clap, Over KB, Over DB, Over Plate, or ANY VARIATION OF THESE FROM THE KNEE!

Jumping Lunges can be from a deficit, but jump as high as you possibly can! We are NOT after 20 reps with a low vertical, we are a few reps with as much power as possible.

For V-Ups, take a deep breath and explode together on each rep.

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