Overhead Squat 2RM w/ Long Pause

We worked pauses recently…. They weren’t long enough. For the pause to be most effective, you need to bottom out.

“Bottom out” does not have a depth standard… Instead, this means that your legs have released their tension and you are at the hip, ankle and knee’s full range of motion, while remaining engaged in the core.

With 2 second pauses in recent Back Squats and Overhead Squats last month, people were able to get to depth and maintain tension until called up. 2 legit seconds turned into a very suspect 2 ct call, and the tension prevented many athletes bottoming-out, defeating the purpose of the pause.

So, today, the call, which can only be counted once the athlete has reached the bottom, and must be counted by a lifting buddy, is “one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi…” This will continue until the counting buddy is absolutely convinced that the squatting athlete is bottomed out. Maybe it takes 3 counts? Maybe 5 counts? Maybe only 1……

Make sure the athlete can focus on your call while they’re striving for the bottom.

2 squats in each set are with a counted pause that should be at LEAST 3 seconds.









20:00-2xGet Low & Get Massive


5 Rounds for Time: 15 min cap

-5 Heavy Front Squats (from ground)

-10 Hard Push-Ups

-50 Double Unders

195/135, Deficit HSPU

165/115, Neutral HSPU, 40 DUs

135/95, abmat HSPU, 30 DUs

95/65, abmat on 45 HSPU, 50 SUs or 20 DU’s

As able, pike push up, 50 SU’s

Flown intention, including rest and tradition:

-Front Squats: sub 60 sec

-Push-Ups: sub 60 sec

-Jump Rope: sub 60 sec

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