Calisthenics Day!

Annie gone wrong... Terribly wrong ;)

"Annie" is an original gangster CrossFit lady, or benchmark workout. The original workout follows this rep scheme, but instead of Box Jump Overs, it is Double Unders.

This will be harder. Much harder. This is Annie's evil twin.

For Time: 25 min cap


-Box Jump Overs 24/20


The first 3 BJO on every set are Burpee Facing Box Jump Overs, Strict Sit-Ups

As written

Step Overs 24/20, Butterfly Sit-Ups

Step overs box height as needed, Butterfly sit ups


-Box height that you can move smooth and continuous

-Easy Sit-Ups or Leg Lifts

The cap is high today because the BJO have such a variance in speed. A good target is 15 minutes. This would average 20 reps per minute.

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