Gymnastics Day!

AMRAP 4 (0:00-4:00)

-8 Deadlifts (weight 1)

-12 Handstand Push-Ups (method 1)

-16 alt. Box Step Ups 24/20

3 min rest (4:00-7:00)

AMRAP 4 (7:00-11:00)

-8 Deadlifts (weight 2)

-12 Handstand Push-Ups (method 2)

-16 alt. BD Box Step Ups (1 DB, held however)

3 min rest (11:00-14:00)

AMRAP 4 (14:00-18:00)

-8 Deadlifts (weight 3)

-12 Handstand Push-Ups (method 3)

-16 alt. Pistols .

Perform three 4-minute efforts, with a 3-minute break to recover and change the set-up, based on the movement standards you choose.

Listed below are levels for scoring. If you are able to perform all of the standards at a given level, great. However, it is gymnastics Day and there is tremendous variance to what people can do. So, modification is encouraged for you operate this workout with the intended flow, which is:

The Deadlifts get heavier. You should be able to do the final set's weight unbroken for 8 if you were fresh. (however the final set does NOT need to be unbroken) But, it's only 4 minutes and there are 8 reps, so if you are doing slow singles, it will kill the flow. It should simply flow: Easy to Moderate to Kinda Heavy

The Handstand Push-Ups progression should flow the same way... Easy to Moderate to Kinda Hard. You should not be failing single attempts at the final effort because that will kill the clock, but breaking up the 12 reps into 3-4 sets at the end is fine.

The Pistol progression should be the same thing.... Step Ups (easy) to Weighted Step Ups (moderate) to Pistols (kinda hard)

185/135 then 225/155 then 275/185, 70/50lbs DB, Neutral Kipping then Neutral Strict then 25lbs plate Deficit

135/95 then 185/135 then 225/155, 50/35lbs DB, Kipping with ab mat then Neutral Kipping then Neutral strict

95/65 then 135/95 then 185/135, 50/35lbs DB, Kipping on abmat + (2) 10lb plates then Kipping on abmat + (1) 10lb plate then Kipping on abmat

95/65 then 115/85 then 135/95, 35/25lbs DB, Seated DB press then negatives to abmat + (3) 10lb plates then small range of motion strict, asst. pistols

75/55 then 95/65 then 115/85, 30/20lbs DB, Pike Push-Ups then seated DB press then 30s handstand hold, asst. pistols

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