Let’s finish out the year strong with a workout from the recent dubai crossfit championship!

35 Minute CAP

  • 50 cal row (see below)

  • 40 A-jumps (see below)

  • 30 medball over shoulder (athlete chooses weight)

  • 20 gymnastics pulls (BMU - C2B - Pull ups)

  • 10 strict handstand push-ups

  • 20 gymnastics pulls

  • 30 medball over shoulder

  • 40 A-jumps

  • 50 cal row

You can choose your own adventure with this one. Pick a weight for the medball, decide on the gymnastics pull - for this you can choose a different kind of pull for each set if you like.

For the A jumps get a 12” box and start by squatting until your butt touches with one foot either side of the box then jump up onto the box and jump or step back down.

For the row - if you usually do green level then scale to 40 calories and if you usually do yellow then scale to 30 calories. If the class size is greater than the number of rowers then use the bikes and ski erg as well.

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