Squat Day!

Front Squat

-From the floor (Clean it up however you want)

-Squat Clean will count as first squat

-Wallball Superset

Approach loosely based off 1RM Front Squat

1) 0:00-5x30%

2) 2:00-5x40%

3) 4:00-5x50%

4) 6:30-5x60%

5) 9:00-5x65-70%

6) 12:00-5x70-80%

7) 15:00-5x75-90%

8) 18:00-5xHuge


15 WBs w/ 20/14

12 WBs w/ 20/14

9 WBs w/ 20/14

30 sec of wallballs as able

Superset and going from the ground are going to make things hectic. Be flexible with your approach and run it to be successful thru at least 7 our of 8 sets.


5 Rounds for Time: (15 min cap)

-15 Overhead Squats

-15 Toes to Bar

-50 Double Unders



75/55, 40 DUs

75/55 OHS or 115/75 Front Squats w/ Toes Close to Bar, 30 DUs

75/55 OHS or 95/65 Front Squats w/ Hanging Knee Raises, 20 DUs or 50 SUs

All barbells controlled to the ground.

Pick a weight you could do 15 squats unbroken if you were fresh.

Pick an abdominal movement that you can work through smooth. You shouldn't be down to singles, they should be smooth and fast!

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