-10 Devil Press (heavy)

-20 DB Box Step Ups (w/ 2 DBs at side)

-30 Toe To Bar (hanging abs)

-40 Push-Ups (any variation, including HSPU)

4 person teams. Two people working, two people resting One person working through the chipper at all times, one person rowing at all times..

Establish an order of follow the leader. Maintain this order and one person will always be rowing. Transition every 2 minutes.

So, Partner 1 rows for two minutes, while Partners 2/3/4 work on the chipper. At the 2:00, Partner 2 rows for two minutes and Partners 1/3/4 work on the chipper. At the 4:00, Partner 3 rows for two minutes, and Partners 1/2/4 work on the chipper. This will continue for 32 minutes, meaning each partner will row four times, for two minutes each time.

Although this is a Saturday workout for fun, this is a scorable flow. If keeping score, the rounds and reps you get are one score, and the calories your team acculates is another score. So, give the row some effort!

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