Clean Day!


-2 Deadlifts

-2 Low Hang Power Cleans (just below the knee)

-2 Power Cleans

Complex is unbroken, touch and go

Approach loosely based off 1RM Power Clean

1) 0:00-30%

2) 2:00-40%

3) 4:00-50%

4) 6:00-60%

5) 8:30-65-70%

6) 9:00-70-80%

7) 12:00-70-90%

8) 15:00-75-100%

9) 18:00-Huge (this one you may fail)

If you are sore from yesterday, follow this on the lighter end and you should be good to clear 75%

If you are new and you haven't tested your Power Clean much, you may wind up hitting something new today for this complex.

For experienced athletes who are not massacred from yesterday, 80-85% of your 1RM Power Clean is a good target to shoot for.

Whatever you do, run your approach to be successful through at least 8 sets.


10 Minutes

-EMOM: 6 Burpees to Plate

-Remaining time: AMRAP Power Cleans

At the 0:00, and every minute thereafter, you'll perform 6 Burpees to Plate.

Once you have finished your 6 Burpees, you'll work on the barbell. Your score is TOTAL POWER CLEANS. The Burpees DO NOT count for your score; they are a mandatory piece of work to start each minute.

If you get so tired that you want to take a minute off from the barbell, you still have to do the Burpees.






To anyone new to the programming, this means you'll face the 45lbs plate, touch your chest to the ground, get up and move forward onto the plate and stand tall, with a brief pause of control while standing tall on top of the plate.

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