Monday Briefing

Racking, Re-Racking

  1. Always make sure the area around the rack is clear of obstructions that could be damaged, could damage the equipment, or could be unsafe if you fail the lift.

  2. When de-racking, always face the rack and step back 3-4 steps, giving you enough space to safely fail and evade the barbell.

  3. When re-racking, walk the barbell into the front side of the rig, then symmetrically descend to the bottom of the J-Hooks.

  4. Never hook a barbell diagonally with one side at a time. This can lead to a missed rack and disastrous repercussions.

Squat Day!

There is not a separate metcon today... This 30 minute strength piece and superset is the full programming. IT WILL BE ENOUGH!

I say this often... When you see a warning in the notes from me, take it seriously. For example, my 500 word essay about Lunges last week... People were telling me they were sore AF for several days afterwards. I tollddd youuuu.... Last month's Front Squats and Wallballs get your legs burning you up?? I told youuu.....

So, here is your warning: this is a S%$T LOAD OF VOLUME! It is only Monday... If you have hopes of working out again this week, be conservative with your numbers and smooth with your Cindy. The level of Cindy you choose should not take more than 60 seconds.

If you go too heavy and fail reps by set 9, and/or go too hard with Cindy and are down to singles and taking 2 minutes, this is going to massacre you.

Back Squat 10x10

1) 0:00-10x30%

2) 2:30-10x40%

3) 5:00-10x45%

4) 8:00-10x50%

5) 11:00-10x55%

6) 14:00-10x60%

7) 17:00-10x65%

8) 21:00-10x70%

9) 25:00-10x70-75%

10) 30:00-10x70-80%

Superset: 1 Round of Cindy (+)

To score as a level, you'll perform the weight as able and score as your heaviest 10 reps, which should be in the 10th set, because you have to do all of the sets even if you fail, but it will be based on the level of Cindy that you do.

6 C2B, 12 Hand Release Push-Ups, 18 Air Squats

5 C2B, 10 Hand Release Push-Ups, 15 Air Squats

5 Pull-Ups, 10 Push-Ups, 15 Air Squats (traditional Rx Cindy)

5 asst. PUs, 10 asst Push-Ups, 15 Air Squats

Scale as needed

***NO LIFTING SHOES AT ALL OR WEIGHT BELT THROUGH SETS 1-8!!! Today's session is for overall squat conditioning. Lifting shoes can mask mobility problems and over use of a weight belt that compromises core strength development. .

Lifters should make good position more comfortable, but should NOT make an impossible position possible. Between the Back Squat and Air Squat reps, you have a huge opportunity to mobilize your ankles by squatting in flats, instead of lifters. For today's mobility and squat positioning development, squat in flat shoes. If you cannot squat without lifters, that is a problem and you shouldn't wear your lifters until it is solved.

A weight belt should make a heavy lift heavier, but should NOT alleviate back pain, and the use of it replicates the function of a muscle you already have, the transversus abdominis. For today's muscle development's sake, do not use a belt for at least 8 out of 10 sets. If you cannot squat pain-free without a belt, that is a problem and you shouldn't wear a belt until it is solved.

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