Saturday Partner WOD

Going Rogue

Part 1

Bella Complex - Spend 20 mins working up to heaviest weight (share your bar with a partner if you like)

1 Clean (power or squat) + 1 shoulder to overhead + 1 front squat + 1 shoulder to overhead

This is a complex so you do not put the barbell down.

Part 2 - Partner workout. Split work evenly but split up as desired I.e. you don’t have to do half the reps before switching.

42-30-18 Deadlift 255/185 (scale as needed), Burpee pull up

42 Deadlifts (split evenly)

42 Burpee Pull Up (split evenly)

30 Deadlifts (split evenly)

30 Burpee Pull Up (split evenly)

18 Deadlifts (split evenly)

18 Burpee Pull Up (split evenly)

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