Wednesday WOD

It's time to fill your glass with a beverage of choosing, get up on your feet, hold the glass high and salute our bad ass Athlete of the Month, Kaitlyn Trabucco!

We asked Kaitlyn some questions in honor of being the AOTM, here is what she had to say:

What are the changes noticed since you started at Innate?

A lot! When I started at Innate, I was 3 months postpartum with my second child and my first child was born only a year and a half earlier via c-section so needless to say, my core was weak! I was feeling unhealthy and just not myself. Since joining Innate, my body has regained muscle but also the consistent working out was important for my mental health too. Recently moving, a pandemic and 2 little kids, I needed ME time and Innate provided that space for me.

What are you most proud of( any type of accomplishment)?

Getting my butt out of bed! I am not a morning person and 6am is the only time I can get to the gym during the day. I'm proud that I have been consistently getting myself to the gym that early. It's not easy and Im not always on time (sorry Cris!) but I do try to be there consistently.

What's your favorite workout/ type of workout/movements?

I'm starting to get stronger at kipping pull-ups so I enjoy the days where I can practice.

What’s your #1 goal?

Rx workouts and Murph without an exercise band. Yikes!

Share something unique or interesting about yourself.

My husband, Chad and I, just. moved back to SB last year from San Francisco. We noticed Coach Seth, our neighbor, had a sweet garage workout setup and Coach Seth being so friendly, invited us to join Innate. I work remotely for Twitter so going to the gym in the morning is usually the only time I leave the house!

What do you like most about Innate?

Hands down, the community. This has been an incredible group of loving, supportive and fun people. And Innate is the most engaging and proactive gym I have ever been a part of - all the activities and extracurriculars they put effort into, it's really amazing. (Special shoutout to the Ladies that Brunch crew) Very thankful to have found this community!


Gymnastics Day!

Three short couplets, composed of one gymnastic element and one antagonistic element to keep you working without compromising the gymnastic movers. By the time you're beat and things fall apart, you're done and recover for the next piece. Don't think of these as three all-out sprints... Instead, think of this session as three little practice pieces. Because, after all, don't think about Gymnastics Day as a traditional " CrossFit WOD"... Think of it as practice!

Rest 8ish minutes between efforts. Only warm up for the workout you're about to do. Warm-up for each piece in the break before them.


-8 Difficult Pulls

-16/12 Cal Assault Bike

Ring Muscle Ups

Bar Muscle Ups

Chest to Bar


Assisted PUs

Don't let the bike take much more time than the pulls... If you are modifying to a challenging pull that you can do, but 16/12 cal bike is going to be much more exhausting and time consuming than the pulls, modify the number on the bike and score as modified. It is Gymnastics Day, not Bike Day.


-8 Difficult Push-Ups

-16/12 Cal Row

1x45 plate deficit HSPU

Neutral HSPU

1 Abmat HSPU

1 Abmat on (2) 10# plates

1 Abmat on (3) 10# plates or pike push ups

Same rationale about modifying the calories on the rower to maintain a gymnastic-focus on the workout.


-40' Handstand Walk

-8 Devil Press

Unbroken, 50/35

4x10' segments, 50/35

Forward progress, heavier than 30/20

4 Wall Walks, 30/20

4 Wall Walks w/ best ROM able, as able DBs

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