Monday WOD! Let's get after it!

Gymnastics Day!

Part 1: Holds; 20 minutes

-10 sets, 1 every 2 minutes

-Alternate between abdominal holds & Inversion Holds

-30-60 seconds on, 60-90 off

Work for 30-60 seconds, then take the remaining time until the next 2 minute mark for your next set, which will be the other style of hold. You'll go back and forth 10 times, doing 5 sets of each.

The eventual goal: to be able to hold a 60 second hold for all 10 sets, working 60 on, 60 off, w/ a challenging form of hold.

Abdominal hold examples:

-Planks, side planks, transverse planks, L-Sits, Boat Hold, Hollow Rocks

Inversion Hold examples:

-Handstand, wall assisted handstand, Stability Handstands (handstand walks, shoulder taps)


EMOM 24 (really 24 min)

6 Rounds through 4 movements

-Min 1: Strict Pull-Ups

-Min 2: Strict Toes to Bar

-Min 3: Strict Handstand Push-Ups

-Min 4: 20 foot Burpee Shuttles

For this workout, pick out movements that you can do around 10 reps on each movement during each set. This not a metcon where you are expected to do 20+ reps on each set, nor is it a workout where you'll grind through single reps and only get 2-3 during the minute.

Mess with bands on the Pull-Ups or do Ring Rows, but NO KIPPING.

For Strict T2B, you could go half ROM or Hanging Knee Raises, but NO SWINGING or KIPPING.

Mess with ROM on the Strict HSPUs, or modify to traditional or Pike Push-Ups, but NO KIPPING.

Work for the entire minute on the Burpee Shuttles. But, it is NOT expected for you to work for the entire minute on the gymnastics. Your 10 reps should take 1-3 sets.

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