Happy Friday! Here's the WOD!

Squat Day!

Alternating Standing Overhead Lunges

Similar rant to the Back Rack Lunges we did two sessions ago…. This is a phenomenal movement for athletic development, but it comes with risk, and you must respect the weight and movement for your own safety.

This is not only great for general athletic development, but it has also been programmed at high level competition, such as WZA 2020, and is especially great as an accessory lift for Split Jerk development.

***The risk….. If you drop this bar on your front leg when it’s planted on the ground, this will be your last workout. I cannot stress that enough. If you carelessly drop it forwards while in the lunge, your front leg will have nowhere to go when the weight hits it and the result will be catastrophic.

You need to have respect for this movement, the weight, and repercussions if you are a silly goose….

If shit hits the fan and you get down and cannot get up, stay calm, but dump the bar forward and jump backwards, insuring it does not hit your front leg. But, this won’t happen because you’ll stay under control and stay safe. :)

Do this correctly, with respect, and you’ll be a better athlete for it! #needit

Reps are alternating, so 10 means 5 on each leg, etc...







15:00-6xKinda Hard

18:00-6xPretty Hard

21:00-6xReally Hard



-Squat Clean Thrusters





95/55 or scale as needed

So simple….. An event from the Open, over a decade ago, was a five minute AMRAP w/ 165/115… well, fitness has come a long way in the past ten years. So, we will work longer and our top level will go heavier.

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