The Innate annual Liftmas event is back Saturday December 4th!  This year it will be a team event.  You can choose to build a team of 2 Males + 1 Female OR 2 Females + 1 Male.  You can choose to compete RX, Scaled or Modified.  Workouts will be released 11/20 to give you time to practice.  Christmas attire is strongly encouraged and of course there will be festive drinks and snacks after.  You may also invite 1 member of your team from another gym if you wish but they must have prior Olympic lifting experience in order to compete. Sign up here

Situational Awareness

  1. You own your implement. Never drop a barbell or implement into another person’s workspace. When you fail a rep, it is your responsibility to stop that implement from rolling or bouncing into someone else’s space. You are responsible for whatever that implement does and wherever it goes.

  2. Never walk in front of someone as they perform a heavy lift. A lifter’s field of view is very important to their success and safety. If someone is chambering for a lift, do not enter their field of view.

  3. Never pick up someone else’s equipment or take their space during a workout, unless you and the other athlete have discussed it. This includes Wallball station, Pull-Up bar station, Handstand space, and all implements. Unless you have discussed sharing equipment or space, do not intrude on someone else’s workout set-up.

  4. Be respectful of working athletes and their space. Do not walk through peoples’ space while they work. Do not migrate your reps into someone else’s space. If you are arriving to a busy class and walk through the room, navigate around working athletes with awareness and respect to their workspace.

Shoulder to Overhead Day!

Push Press 3x5

-From the ground

-3x5 at the same weight, around 85%

-should all be successful, sexy reps







14:00-5x80-85% (set 1)

17:00-5x80-85% (set 2)

20:00-5x80-85% (set 3)

The last time we Push Pressed (four S2O day's ago), we did a 5RM. Today, if you could hit that same weight for all three sets, that would be an improvement. But, today is about successful volume, so do what you are capable of!



-12 DB Push Press (right hand)

-12 alt. DB Box Step Ups

-12 Toes to Bar

-12 DB Push Press (left hand)

-12 alt. DB Box Step Ups

-12 Toes to Bar

For the Step Ups: one DB, held however you want; 12 total reps, NOT each leg.

Heavier than 60/40

Heavier than 50/35


50/35, Toes Close to Bar

35/25, Hanging Knee Raises or Toes to KB

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