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Strict Press & Push Jerk

-The first number is the amount of Strict Press and the second number is the amount of Push Jerks

-From the ground

Approach based off 1RM Strict Press

0:00-5 & 5 x 30%

2:00-5 & 5 x40%

4:00-4 & 5 x 50%

6:30-4 & 5 x 60%

9:00-3 & 5 x 70%

12:00-3 & 5 x 75%

15:00-2 & 5 x 80-85%

18:00-2 & 5 x 90-95%

21:00-1 & 5 x 95-100%

As your Strict Press maxes out, you'll still have to jump and catch the bar with Push Jerks. You should, in theory, have no problem Push Jerking your 1RM Strict Press for 5.

If you find that you cannot Push Jerk five times what you are successfully Strict Pressing, don't beat yourself up too bad, but you have highlighted the disproportionality of your movements, and you have potential in your Jerk when you commit to the drop and receive. So, make a note of it!

Optional: Superset of 5-10 Toes to Bar. They haven't been programmed this week, so if you want the volume, you've got 10 sets here!


12 minutes


-EMOM Burpees to Plate

135/95, 6 B2P

115/85, 5 B2P

95/65, 4 B2P

75/55, 3 B2P

55/35, 3 B2P

Score is total Thrusters. Burpees are a given.....

B2P: face the plate, as you would a BF Box Jump or Bar Hop, do your Burpee (chest touches the ground) and then get on the top of the plate and stand locked-out, as you would for a Box Jump. There must be a moment of locked-out control on top of the box. You can jump or step on and off the plate.

To be scored as a level, all of the B2P must be done, even if you are so tired that you do not complete any thrusters on a particular minute. To score Level 1, 72 B2P must be done (in addition to using 135/95). To score Level 2, 60 B2P must be done (and use 115/85).

For anyone who has not done this workout, which I have programmed in various forms over the years... THIS IS STRAIGHT RUDE! Just... Rude. Pace yourself! It catches up so hard and so fast, and we are striving, as always, for consistency.

So, have a total number in mind, divide it by 12, and try to stay accountable. If you are hoping for 70 reps, you need to get 5/6 per set. DO NOT open up with 15 reps.....

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