Thursday Workout of the Day & our AOTM!!!

Before we get into the WOD. A big Congratulations to Laurence Lander our Athlete of the Month! If you see Laurence around the gym this month make sure to congratulate him on his accomplishment! And check out todays social media post to learn a bit more about Laurence and his growth since joining Innate! Way to go Laurence it was definitely earned.

Endurance Day!

8 Rounds; 32 minutes

-30 seconds on, 30 sec off to transition

Min 1) DB Bench Press

Min 2) Dynamic Abdominals

Min 3) 20' Burpee Shuttles

Min 4) Static Abdominals or Inversions

For the Bench... You can go light and fast, or heavy and slow, or build as you go!

For the Abs, choose whatever you want! You do NOT have to do the same thing every time. Feel free to mix it up as you go!

Here are some examples:

Dynamic Abs: Sit-ups, Leg lifts, Russian Twists, Medball Sit-Ups, Beamon Twists, Flutter Kicks, Scissor Kicks, Star Ups, Bicycle Crunches, Cross-Over Sit-Ups

Static Abs/Inversions: Plank, Side Plank, Transverse Plank, Boat Hold, Leg Lift Hold, L-Sit, Handstand, Wall Assisted Handstand, Hollow Hold

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