Announcement: Ladies Brunch WOD this Saturday!

Friday WOD

29 Minutes

-4 minutes on, 1 minute off, for working 6 sets

-Stop where you are at the interval, recover, then pick up where you left off

-10 Burpee Shuttles w/ Backpedal

-10 2ct Lunges

-10 Push-Ups

-10 Sit-Ups

Deficit Jumping Lunges, Deficit Push-Ups, Deficit Sit-Ups

Jumping Lunges, Hand Release Push-Ups, Strict Sit-Ups

Standing Lunges, Rx Push-Ups, Strict Sit-Ups

Asst ROM Standing Lunges, Banded Push-Ups, XFit Sit-Ups

For the Burpee Shuttles:

-Do a Burpee, run 10 feet

-Stay facing forward, do a Burpee w/ entire body in front of the line

-Backpedal to starting line

***That is TWO reps, so for the 10 reps, you'll do 10 Burpees, run forwards 5 times and backpedal 5 times

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