Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Tuesday Workout Of The Day


10/9 Wimhof Workshop starts @ 10am

10/10 We have our beach clean up/Workout at leadbetter @ 8am

Squat Day!

-6 Rounds thru 6 EMOM stations; 34 minutes (2 are rest)

-1 Round every 6 minutes

There are 4 working stations. You'll be at each station for 1 minute, then take 2 minutes off. At the working minute, you'll have 50 seconds to work, and then a mandatory 10 second break to transition.

Of the 34 minute workout, you'll have 10 rest minutes and 24 working minutes. With the mandatory 10 second rest to transition, you'll have an additional 4 minutes of programmed rest. So, even if you go unbroken during all of the allotted work sets, you'll still only work for 20 minutes out of the 34 minute workout. SO BRING THE INTENSITY TO YOUR EFFORTS!

Min 1: Overhead Squats

Min 2: Wallballs

Min 3: Burpee Facing Box Jumps

Min 4: Double Unders

Min 5: rest

Min 6: rest

You'll have 6 sets.... During the 2 minute break, add weight to your bar. Don't worry about being too exact, but it should be something like this:

Set 1: 30%

Set 2: 40%

Set 3: 50%

Set 4: 60%

Set 5: 70%

Set 6: 80%

You'll obviously be doing less reps in the latter sets than the first sets. Anticipate that. However, you should get at least 5 reps on the final bar, so plan accordingly.

Have fun!

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