Thursday WOD

Enjoy some images of our Innate members killing up in Big Bear a couple weekends ago for the Spartan Race!

Clean Day!

Power Clean 3x3

-all reps are touch and go

-3x3 at the same weight

-should all be sexy reps, no wide catch, but all above parallel







15:00-3x75-90% (set 1)

18:00-3x75-90% (set 2)

21:00-3x75-90% (set 3)

Last Power Clean session, we did a 3x5. If you are going full pace today, you should be heavier on this piece.

The Power Clean session before that was a 3RM. To do that same weight you got for a 3RM and do it today for all 3 sets would be an appropriate target if you are progressing.


Complete for Time: (18 min cap)

Pull-Up Buy-In, and then:

3 Rounds for Time

-DB Power Cleans

-alt. DB Standing Lunges

-Burpees to Target

Ideal flow:

-Buy-In: 2-3 min

-60-90 seconds for each other element, so 4-5 min per round

-This should take 14-18 min

If you don't finish, add 1 second per incompleted rep to the 18:00 cap designation.

5 RMU or 10 BMU buy-in, 30 reps of everything, 50/35

5 BMU or 15 C2B buy-in, 25 reps of everything, 50/35

5 C2B or 15 PU buy-in, 20 reps of everything, 35-40 and 25-30 DBs

5 PU or 15 Ring Row buy-in, 15 reps of everything, 25-30 and 15-20 DBs

Scale further as needed

For alt. DB Standing Lunges: DBs must be held AT THE SIDE, in the Farmers position, and NOT on the shoulders. You must also step forward, touch your back knee to the ground, then drive backwards to standing. If you were to start your reps while standing against the line, after each rep, both feet need to be back behind the line.

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