Calisthenics Day!


-10 Double Burpee Facing Box Jumps

-20 V-Ups

-30 Squat Jumps to Target

-1 min rest

Target is 3:1 work to rest.. So a round should take 2-3 minutes, and you'll take 1 minute off, so you'll do a new round every 3-4 minutes, with a score of 7-10 rounds.

For Squat Jumps to Target: stand under a part of the rig you cannot touch (and for red level, at least 6") Perform a full air squat, then jump and touch the target. This may be done in one fluid motion.

30/24, perfect strict movement on the Double Burpee's Push-Up, toe contact & straight knees on the V-Up, Squat Jump target at LEAST 6" beyond standing extension

24/20, good Push-Ups on DB's, little knee bend on V-Ups OK, Squat Jump beyond standing extension

24/20 jump or Step Overs OK, knee Push-Up on DB's, Strict Sit-Ups, Power Jacks

Any height jump or Step Overs, knee Push-Ups on DB's, XFit Sit or Leg Lifts, Air Squats

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