Friday WOD. Wohoo!

Gymnastics Day!

Part 1:

15 minute open gym to practice and prepare for the session

Part 2:

4 Rounds Through; 35 minutes

Min 1: Row

Min 2: Challenging Push-Ups

Min 3: rest

Min 4: Ass Bike

Min 5: Challenging Pull-Ups

Min 6: rest

Min 7: Single Leg Squats

Min 8: Stability

Min 9: rest

Example 1: deficit HSPU, Strict RMU, weighted Pistols, Handstand Walk obstacle

Example 2: Strict HSPU, Bar Muscle Ups, Pistols, Handstand Walks

Example 3: Kipping HSPU, Strict Pull-Ups, Single Leg Step Ups, Wall Climbs

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