Thursdays Workout

Calisthenics Day!


-10 Sit-Ups

-10 Air Squats

-10 Burpee Hurdle Shuttles (20 feet)

-1 min rest

Start on your back (a good place to recover when you are tired) near the line you'll do your Burpee Shuttles. At the 0:00 and after your 60 second break after each set of Burpee Hurdle Shuttles, you'll rip 10 Sit-Ups, pop up, rip 10 Air Squats, then hit the deck for 10 Burpee Hurdle Shuttles.

For the 20-foot Burpee Hurdle Shuttles: you'll put a box half way between the two lines. You will start by getting down on your belly, with your hands and chest on the ground behind the starting line. Then, you'll run 20 feet to the other line. On your way, there'll be a box. You need to get over it. You can use your hands, you can jump up and over it, you can step up and over it, you can sit down and pivot over it... It does not matter how you get over it, as long as BOTH FEET TOUCH THE TOP OF THE BOX and you get over it and cross the line at 20 feet. That is one rep.

You're going to be tired and your legs are going to burn. Stay under control as you go over the box.

Strict Sit-Ups, 30/24

CrossFit Sit-Ups, 24/20

Leg Lifts, as needed

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