Monday's Wod

MONDAY 10/11

Monday Mindfulness

Intensity and Recovery

  1. Monday-Friday programming is always full speed!

  2. Many members can only come on certain days. You may have been here three days in a row and want to go half speed, but John couldn’t make it in so he wants a savage workout today. Therefore, programming will never include active recovery days or deload days.

  3. It is up to you to listen to your body and know when to take a day off or when to operate at an active recovery speed. This means a level or two lower than you are capable, and capping lifts around 70%. About 20% of your training (one out of five days) should be at an active recovery pace.

  4. All 12 months of programming is full speed!

  5. New members come in throughout the year. You may have been going full speed for the last two months to get ready for a competition, but John is brand new and wants savage workouts. Therefore, programming will never include deload periods.

  6. It is up to you to look at your programming schedule and know when you take a deload period. About 20% of your calendar should be deloaded. The best and easiest way to do this is to make every 5th week a deload week. Go four weeks hard, take one week half-speed. ***This will not hurt your gainz! You will come back recovered and ready to slay.

  7. Know when to move up in weight; four questions to ask yourself

  8. Were you successful?

  9. If you weren’t successful, do not go up in weight. If you were, on to Question 2.

  10. Did it hurt?

  11. If it hurt, do not go up in weight. If you were successful and it didn’t hurt, on to Question 3.

  12. Were there any major movement flaws that became unsafe or will prevent your development?

  13. If there were, do not go up in weight. If you were successful, and it didn’t hurt, and it was proficient, on to Question 4.

  14. Do you have confidence that you can lift more and is it the appropriate level of difficulty for the set you’re on?

  15. If you are not confident, do not add weight. If it was very difficult at set 4 out of a 10 set approach, do not add weight. But, if it was successful, it didn’t hurt, it didn’t have flaws, you believe you can do more and it is an appropriate level of difficulty for the set you’re on, add weight!

  16. In closing: If you follow all of this... If you take at least one day per week completely off, and at least 20% of your training days are at a sub-maximal intensity, and you only add weight with correct, painless movement patterns, you will get better and remain healthy. If you disregard this advice, your movement development will suffer and your body will not last.

Squat Day!

Overhead Squat 3x5

-Front or Back Squats if ROM or mobility issues present










All three sets are at 80%ish, but the SAME WEIGHT, striving for successful, sexy reps!



-10 Overhead Squats

-25 Double Unders

-10 Chest to Bar

-25 Double Unders


95/65, Pull-Ups, 20 DUs

75/55, Pull-Ups, 15 DUs

55/35, Assisted Pull-Ups, 10 DUs or 20 SUs

35/15, Ring Rows, 5 DUs or 25 SUs

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