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Shoulder to Overhead Day!

Push Jerk 5x5

-5x5 at the same weight (80ish percent)

1) 0:00-5x30%

2) 2:00-5x40%

3) 4:00-5x50%

4) 6:00-5x60%

5) 8:30-5x70%

6) 11:00-5x80% (Set 1)

7) 14:00-5x80% (Set 2)

8) 17:00-5x80% (Set 3)

9) 20:00-5x80% (Set 4)

10) 23:00-5x80% (Set 5)

80% may seem a little light, but, keep in mind:

First, it should be substantially less than your 5RM, because you're doing it 5 times

Second, there is a ton of volume here. Aka, a ton of opportunity to get better OR to get good at sucking. This particular lift has a high potential to get pretty ugly when the load gets maximal. So, today, keep it at a weight that has you moving well for 25 heavy reps.


3 Rounds for Time: 12 min cap

-5-10-15 Bar Muscle Ups

-10-20-30 American Kettlebell Swings 70/53

-50-100-150 Double Unders

For this workout, you'll do 5 Pulls, then 10 Swings, then 50 Double Unders. That is Round 1. Then 10/20/100 for Round 2. Then 15/30/150 for Round 3.

Completing this workout will mean 30 Muscle Ups, 60 KB Swings, and 300 Double Unders. For elite level athletes, average intra-wod paces for these movements are around 10 MU per minute, 20 KB Swing per minute, and 50 DUs per minute. So, for elite athletes, this workout should take around 12 minutes.

Instead of fluffing this workout out with a longer time cap, I'm going to cap it at 12 minutes. This is doable and I know some athletes will finish, but most will not. THAT IS OK! If this were an Open workout, most athletes would not finish.

Why do I keep programming slim time cap task-priority workouts? If there was a 20 minute cap, athletes could let off the gas and still finish. If that's the case, we might as well do AMRAPs. With task priority workouts, we want to push ourselves further into intensity and effort than time priority workouts.

With slim time caps, you have to go full throttle the entire time!

Bar Muscle Ups

Chest to Bar, 53/35, 40/80/160 DUs

Pull-Ups, 53/35, 30/60/120 DUs

Asst Pull-Ups, 35/26, 50/100/150 SUs

Per green level but choose KB weight as needed

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