Partner Workout!

3 Stations; 30 min

-10 minutes at each station

-No allocated rest time to transition, so be ready to rock!

Station 1:

-10 Cal Row

-10 DB Thrusters

-10 Sit-Ups

Station 2:

-10 Cal Bike

-10 DB Hang Squat Cleans

-10 Hanging Abs

Station 3:

-10 Burpees to Target

-10 Alt. DB Step Ups (2 DBs)

-10 V-Ups

2 person, 3 element, full set tag-team... Best patner flow ever! Today, we'll work with the same DBs the entire time and not actually take rest to transition and set up other equipment, unlike other times we've done this. So, use light DBs, take your time and dial in for a steady 30 min!

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