Squat Day!

Overhead Squat 4x2 w/ Pause

-5 sets building and then 4 working sets

-2 sec pause in the bottom of each squat

-Hold is counted by partner, once bottomed out

-4x2 at the same weight, which should be less than your 2RM

1) 0:00-5x30%

2) 2:00-4x40%

3) 4:00-3x50%

4) 6:00-2x60%

5) 8:30-2x70%

6) 11:00-2x85% (Set 1)

7) 14:00-2x85% (Set 2)

8) 17:00-2x85% (Set 3)

9) 20:00-2x85% (Set 4)


For Time: 18 min cap

-1-10 Overhead Squats (ascending reps)

-10-1 Wall Walks (descending reps)

135/95, ascending WW

115/85, 4 WCs every round (40 total)

95/65, 3 WWs every round (30 total)

75/55, 2 WWs every round (20 total)

55/35, 2 Modified WW each round (20 total)

All levels do an ascending rep Overhead Squat for this 10-round workout. However, ONLY RED LEVEL does the descending rep Wall Climbs. All other levels will do a constant number for a smooth and consistent flow.

Reminder on the Wall Climbs:

-start on your belly

-once in the top of a push-up, your feet can go on the wall

-once your feet are the wall, you can start walking your hands

-After you touch your chest to the wall, return all the way back to your belly.

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