Snatch Day!

High Hang Squat Snatch 2RM

Approach based off 1RM Squat Snatch

1) 0:00-6x30%

2) 2:00-6x40%

3) 4:00-5x50%

4) 6:00-5x60%

5) 8:00-4x70%

6) 10:00-4x75-80%

7) 12:00-3x75-90%

8) 14:30-3x80-100%

9) 17:00-2x Successfull Through Here

10) 20:00-2x Send It

Option 1: Squat Snatch

Option 2: Power Snatch (for ROM issues)

We have a 10-set approach today. Run yours to be successful through at least 9 of them.

For the High Hang, the barbell does NOT move down your thighs; it remains in the hip crease, or "Power Position" or "pockets" during the dip and drive.

Bend at the knees and hips to dip straight down and then jump straight up, NOT back and forth. Although counter-intuitive, trust that up and down is stronger than back and forth. The back and forth action, or the "hitch and heave" is not as powerful as jumping up, and it makes the barbell take an arc because your hips jump the bar forward.



-Alt. DB Snatches +4

-Alt. DB Box Step Ups +4

-60 Double Unders

The Open is coming! Be strict on your DB Snatches... Opposite hand stays clear of the body and BOTH HEADS touch the ground.

For the Alt. Box Step Ups, use one DB (the same one you Snatch with) and hold it any way you'd like (most people will want to find a position of comfort on one shoulder)

The Snatches and Step Ups increase each round, but the jump ropes remain constant the entire time

Heavier than 60/40, 24/20

60/40, 24/20

50/35, 24/20

35/25, 24/20, 30 DUs

30/20, as able box, 60 SUs

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